District Drive 2014-15
District Drive 2014-15 Results
Posted on 10/28/2014

District Drive 2014-15

JH Hines Waco High Hillcrest PDS
The WISD Education Foundation is pleased to announce that Campus and Department Coordinator efforts have brought a total of $55,237.09 to classroom grants for Waco ISD teachers and students.  On Friday, October 24th, coordinators celebrated their fundraising achievements with a luncheon provided by Rosa’s Café at the WISD Administration Building. 

Retired WISD employee and current foundation board member, Dr. Karen Hassell, addressed the group and expressed the board sincere thanks.  Hassell’s message included the important reminder that 100% of the funds donated to the WISD Education Foundation go directly to supporting creative classroom grant projects written by WISD Employees. 

Campus Per Capita Winners receiving certificates were as follows:

3. Parkdale Elementary, Coordinators Connie McCracken and Susan Moody, $44.03/average per person

2. Provident Heights Elementary, Coordinator Whitney Josephs and Team, $47.80/average per person

1. Hillcrest PDS, Coordinator Ashley Stephens, $71.15/average per person

The Waco ISD Administration Building steps up to the plate each year to bring creative classroom grants to the district, this year their total raised for the foundation drive was $11,490.50  There were a few departments that deserve special recognition.  Department Awards go to  – Technology, WISD Police and  North Waco Annex and WISD Maintenance.  

Top Campu$ Fund Raisers receiving certificates were as follows:

3. Lake Air Montessori, Coordinator Darlena Smith, $3,091.00

2. Hillcrest PDS, Coordinator Ashley Stephens, $3,130.74

1. Waco High School, Coordinators Lisa Saxenian and Floyd Smith, $4,572.67

And our last two awards are very special.  We all know that daily events can get in the way of little things like fundraising efforts and lets face it…extra work.  One campus has earned the Fast and Furious Award.  They were unable to make the October 17th turn in deadline, but in a single day raised a total of $4,500. 

The Fast and Furious Fundraiser campus of the year is….

J.H. Hines Elementary, Coordinator Christi Black-Evans

J.H. Hines also is the recipient of the Most Improved Campus of the year.  They raised $1,414.00 more than their total from last year.  Thank you for not giving up on us or the cause!

On Friday, November 7th we will have a small presentation to the WISD Education Foundation at the end of the first quarter of the WHS vs UHS football game.  Please join us at the Hall of Fame Game as we celebrate.