"Making the Difference" in "Raising the Power of Education"
"Making the Difference" in "Raising the Power of Education"
Posted on 10/29/2012
Education Foundation

Why public school foundations are necessary….

Non-profit foundations are used by school districts to help raise money for educationalprograms that are not covered by school budgets or tax dollars.


Who runs the Waco ISD Education Foundation?

The WacoISD Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation governed bya board of directors that strives to provide funds for creative, educationalprograms and projects. 

How money is raised by the Waco ISD Education Foundation…

Money is raised throughoutthe year by events, various fundraising drives, memorial and tributecontributions and corporate gifts. Thisyear, the Waco ISD staff alone raised over  $80,000! This organization is founded on the philosophythat public education can be endowed through a broad-based system of interestedparties such as vendors, local businesses, alumni, parents, teachers and thecommunity.