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Do you know of someone that should be considered for the Waco ISD Distinguished Alumni honor? Nominate them today.

DEADLINE: February 1, 2016.

Nomination Instructions

Waco ISD is proud of the caliber of all its graduates and the contribution they make to the world, but the contributions of a select group of graduates truly distinguishes them from the rest. These graduates went on to have careers that had great impact on the world we live in, and we are proud to honor them as "Waco ISD Distinguished Alumni."

We thank you for taking the time to nominate an individual for this prestigious award. Please take a moment to review the information listed below to assist you in completing the nomination form.

  • A maximum of 3 individuals will be awarded at each celebration.

  • The awards will be presented during the Waco ISD Legacy Luncheon. The selected honorees must be able to attend to be awarded. Honorees selected, but unable to attend, will be given the opportunity to be awarded another year.

  • It must be clearly stated how this graduate distinguished her/himself and the impact they had on others in their community and/or the world.

  • The selection will be based on the information received with the nomination form. The form is provided for your convenience, but additional documentation is accepted and desired. Please make sure the information provided is complete and legible.

Any supporting documentation may be mailed to:

Waco ISD Education Foundation
PO Box 2369
Waco, TX 76703-2369

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