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Mission Statement

Advancing excellence in education through creative and innovative community funding.


Raising the power of education!

About the Waco ISD Education Foundation

The Waco ISD Education Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes quality education in Waco Independent School District.  The Foundation provides funds for creative, education programs and projects that are not covered by school budgets or tax dollars.

This organization is founded on the philosophy that public education can be endowed through a broad-based system of interested parties such as alumni, local businesses, parents, teachers and the community.  The Foundation raises money throughout the year with various fundraising drives and campaigns.  Each spring, the teachers and faculty of Waco ISD are encouraged to apply for funding in four focus areas:

  1. Early childhood development
  2. Enhanced programming for advanced students
  3. Extended education for staff
  4. Emphasis on student performance

This March, the Waco ISD Education Foundation presented 21 grant awards totaling $100,000.  Since 1999, over $1,185,000 have been awarded to students and teachers in WacoISD.  The Waco ISD Education Foundation is raising the power of education in Waco’s public schools.

For more information about the Foundation, please call (254)755-9517.